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A mailing list for user discussions

1744 2015-11-23 08:44:09 PST

A mailing list for developer discussions

1627 2015-11-17 02:30:12 PST

A mailing list for issuezilla messages

3537 2015-07-07 22:07:44 PDT

This mailing list receives commit log messages (with the changes made) created by the subversion repository when stuff is checked in.

1048 2013-04-28 10:47:40 PDT

cvs mailing lists. contains all the posts to the cvs repository. (this contains only the web content since the sourcecode is held in a subversion repository.org)

51 2013-03-23 22:34:33 PDT

A moderated mailing list for announce messages

38 2012-06-28 00:24:06 PDT
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