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Rapid SVN Locking issue

Author Richard Smith <rwsmith at virtualhold dot com>
Full name Richard Smith <rwsmith at virtualhold dot com>
Date 2014-02-18 09:49:22 PST
Message User Group,
I have been using RapidSVN to manage VisualSVN for over a year without incident. About a month ago, a folder became locked during a 'commit', and the 'commit' never completed. After way too long, I finally closed RapidSVN with Task Manager, but when I reopened Rapid, the folder was still locked. At that time, I tried various methods of recovery, read all of the literature I could find, and ultimately checked out a full new 'Working Copy', and that did the trick, for the moment.

I have been very careful in how I handle adds, updates and commits, but today, the same thing happened. If the repository was not so large and didn't take so long to download a new Working Copy, I would just do that anytime this happened, but I feel that there must be a way to get around this issue.

When I attempt to 'unlock' (even when I use 'Force') an error comes up saying that the unlock failed. The Server is Windows Server 2008 32-bit, and the RapidSVN is on a Laptop with Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 64-bit.I looked at the Server Event Viewer logs, but there are no events from today in the VisualSVN Server events log. I have not located the RapidSVN logs.

The SeerverSVN is Version 2.6.5, and the RapidSVN is version 0.12.1 Revision 8257.
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Rapid SVN Locking issue Richard Smith <rwsmith at virtualhold dot com> Richard Smith <rwsmith at virtualhold dot com> 2014-02-18 09:49:22 PST
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