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License libsvncpp

Author R developer <richdevmail at gmail dot com>
Full name R developer <richdevmail at gmail dot com>
Date 2018-01-30 06:52:48 PST
Message Hi All,

I would like to use parts of libsvncpp in a closed source project. my
project uses it to fetch data from a backend and does not show SVN related
thing to the end user, so it will never be competing. but since I can't
make it completely open source I would like to know if i can legally use
the SVN library for communicating with a SVN server?

Is the entire repository GPL or is the libsvncpp already LGPL? (if
is correct that would still be the case)

You did a great job abstracting the APR logic and the like and it would be
a trouble for me if I would have to reinvent the wheel instead of joining
because of licensing. (btw is there any change of merging/moving libsvncpp
to the apache codebase?)

Ps: also created an issue here
https://github.com/R​apidSVN/RapidSVN/iss​ues/32 as it isn't clear to me
where to post this ;-)

Kind regards,

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License libsvncpp R developer <richdevmail at gmail dot com> R developer <richdevmail at gmail dot com> 2018-01-30 06:52:48 PST
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