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Invalid type conversions

Author Tim Jackson <lists at timj dot co dot uk>
Full name Tim Jackson <lists at timj dot co dot uk>
Date 2018-08-06 13:49:37 PDT
Message Hi

Having tried to build the latest version in Github on Fedora 28, there are a
lot of type conversion (and/or similar) errors which cause it to fail. I
suspect they're trivial or simple to fix, but I'm lacking sufficient
knowledge. Can anyone help?

Here's a couple of examples:

src/action_event.cpp: In member function 'void ActionEvent::init(wxWindow*,
int, LogItemType, const wxString&, const wxString&)':
src/action_event.cpp:118:17: error: ambiguous overload for 'operator<<'
(operand types are 'wxString' and 'const char [4]')
cat << action << "|||" << msg;

src/action_event.cpp:118:20: error: conversion from 'const char [4]' to 'const
wxString' is ambiguous
cat << action << "|||" << msg;
Full details at https://github.com/R​apidSVN/RapidSVN/iss​ues/35



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Invalid type conversions Tim Jackson <lists at timj dot co dot uk> Tim Jackson <lists at timj dot co dot uk> 2018-08-06 13:49:37 PDT
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