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svn::StatusSel Class Reference

#include <status_selection.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 StatusSel ()
virtual ~StatusSel ()
 StatusSel (const StatusSel &src)
StatusSeloperator= (const StatusSel &src)
const apr_array_header_t * array (const Pool &pool) const
const StatusVectorstatusVector () const
const Targetstargets () const
const Pathtarget () const
size_t size () const
void reserve (size_t size)
void push_back (const Status &status)
void clear ()
 operator const PathVector & () const
bool hasFiles () const
bool hasDirs () const
bool hasVersioned () const
bool hasUnversioned () const
bool hasUrl () const
bool hasLocal () const

Detailed Description

Container for a vector full of Status

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

svn::StatusSel::StatusSel (  ) 

default constructor

virtual svn::StatusSel::~StatusSel (  )  [virtual]


svn::StatusSel::StatusSel ( const StatusSel src  ) 

Copy Constructor

src Source

Member Function Documentation

const apr_array_header_t* svn::StatusSel::array ( const Pool pool  )  const

Returns an apr array containing char *.

pool Pool used for conversion

void svn::StatusSel::clear (  ) 

cleans out all entries

bool svn::StatusSel::hasDirs (  )  const

at least one target is a directory

bool svn::StatusSel::hasFiles (  )  const

at least one target is a file

bool svn::StatusSel::hasLocal (  )  const

at least one target is a local file or dir

bool svn::StatusSel::hasUnversioned (  )  const

at least one target is unversioned

bool svn::StatusSel::hasUrl (  )  const

at least one target is a repository URL

bool svn::StatusSel::hasVersioned (  )  const

at least one target is versioned

svn::StatusSel::operator const PathVector & (  )  const

operator to return the vector

vector with targets

StatusSel& svn::StatusSel::operator= ( const StatusSel src  ) 

Assignment operator

void svn::StatusSel::push_back ( const Status status  ) 

add and check the next entry

status Status to add

void svn::StatusSel::reserve ( size_t  size  ) 

reserves size

size_t svn::StatusSel::size (  )  const

the number of targets

const StatusVector& svn::StatusSel::statusVector (  )  const

Returns a vector of statuses

vector of statuses

const Path& svn::StatusSel::target (  )  const

returns the first target in the list or an empty Path if no entries are present

the first Path in the list

const Targets& svn::StatusSel::targets (  )  const

Returns a vector of paths

vector of paths

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