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svn::Wc Class Reference

#include <wc.hpp>

Static Public Member Functions

static bool checkWc (const char *dir)
static bool checkWc (const Path &dir)
static void ensureAdm (const char *dir, const char *uuid, const char *url, const Revision &revision)
static void setAdmDir (const char *dir)
static bool isAdmDir (const char *name)

Detailed Description

Class that deals with a working copy

Member Function Documentation

static bool svn::Wc::checkWc ( const Path dir  )  [static]

static bool svn::Wc::checkWc ( const char *  dir  )  [static]

check if Path is a valid working directory

dir path to a directory
true=valid working copy

static void svn::Wc::ensureAdm ( const char *  dir,
const char *  uuid,
const char *  url,
const Revision revision 
) [static]

ensure that an administrative area exists for dir, so that dir is a working copy subdir based on url at revision.

dir path to a directory
url corresponding url
revision expected working copy revision

static bool svn::Wc::isAdmDir ( const char *  name  )  [static]

checks whether name is an administrative directory

name may only be a filename, not an absolute path

static void svn::Wc::setAdmDir ( const char *  dir  )  [static]

use dir as name for the subversion administrative directory instead of the standard ".svn"


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